• Document Security

  • Mom or dad just passed away… you think they had wills and trusts. Where are they located? They had an attorney, you wonder if he/she is still in practice? You were named as trustee but you cannot locate the documents, and when you do, are you sure they were the most recent? What if you knew they were in their safe deposit box at the local bank, but then you were told by the bank, that without the documents that were inside the box…you surely were not going to have access without a court order. A professional trustee will always have access to the most current documents and store them in a safe place that is readily accessible when needed.

    Within our secure storage area we have locking file cabinets to store the permanent documents such as trusts, wills, health care directives, etc., but also the checks, deeds, promissory notes, pink slips, insurance policies and other important papers. We have a document control policy that provides for backup plans in case of fire, and store copies of all important documents on a secure cloud storage.

    It is our goal to contact you first with procedures following a death and provide the necessary documents. We know our clients so well that we have up to date information on their changing conditions and life circumstances.