• Investment Advisors

  • There are many investment advisers to choose from. But over time, a trustee has developed a relationship and expectation of services and returns that are key to the success of a trust and the beneficiaries. The relationship with the investment adviser is one that requires constant communication, reporting and advice on the path to take for the returns in relation to the risk profile of the trust.

  • UBS - Cohen Group

    The Cohen Group is a client-focused financial services group that offers a combination of wealth management, portfolio management and retirement services, custom tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

    Drawing on our over 40-year heritage, we strive to deliver consistent long-term investment returns, underpinned by a team-based approach and disciplined risk management. We pride ourselves on building long-term, personalized relationships with our clients and partners, ensuring a deep understanding of their needs, risk profile, time horizon and investment goals.

    Whatever ambitions you have for yourself or your business, the dreams you have for your family or the legacy you hope to leave behind, we’ll collaborate with you, putting the full range of our global resources to work on your behalf.



  • First Foundation Advisors

    Our equity portfolio management team follows a disciplined, value based approach that strives to capitalize on stock market inefficiencies with rigorous fundamental research. We take great care in being stewards of capital and in providing our clients with durable portfolios that have favorable risk and reward characteristics. We align our clients with those of our firm by focusing on providing our clients with the best assets at the lowest prices.

    Our core tenets of investment management dictate considering these factors:
    •Risk Control
    •Inefficient Markets
    •Rigorous Analysis
    •Value Discipline