• Fiduciary Bureau

  • California Professional Fiduciary Bureau

    The Professional Fiduciaries Bureau is a State agency created in 2006 under the Department of Consumer Affairs to license and regulate Professional Fiduciaries in California.

    The Bureau does not provide referrals, but has information to help consumers make informed choices. Contact the Bureau online at www.fiduciary.ca.gov or call (916) 574-7340 for the following information about a licensed Professional Fiduciary:

    • License status.
    • When the license was issued and when it expires.
    • Address of public record.
    • Any discipline imposed by the Bureau.
    • Value of client assets managed by the fiduciary.
    • Bankruptcy information.
    • Case removal information.

    Professional Fiduciaries work with clients who may be vulnerable to abuse or financial exploitation due to their mental or physical impairments.

    Licensing and oversight by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau provides a layer of protection for these clients and their families. Licensing ensures that Professional Fiduciaries have met education and experience requirements and have passed a competency exam and a criminal background check

    The Bureau can take action against licensees who violate the law. Actions can include fines, sanctions, and license suspensions or revocations, or even referral to law enforcement authorities for criminal prosecution.

    To report unlicensed activity or to file a complaint about a fiduciary, go online to www.fiduciary.ca.gov (click on “File a Complaint”) or call (800) 952-5210 to have a complaint form mailed to you.